Tom Jones Signed Paper Slip + Photos (X9)

Tom Jones Signed Paper Slip + Photos (X9)

Tom Jones signed and cut paper slip with a selection of photos (x9).
Tom has signed the paper slip in black marker, and the paper has been cut on one corner alongside the signature. The paper has tanned with age and has a couple small foxing marks (see photos). Size is approx. 8"x3.5".

There are 5 x colour photos, 3 x sepia photos and 1 x black and white photo.
The colour photos are in good condition, with one bearing a photo credit stamp on the reverse. The sepia photos have some slight surface marking, but are otherwise in decent condition, and two photos have pink stickers on reverse.

The remaining photo is a black and white shot of Tom in the boxing ring. This photo has some creasing/indent and pen marks. On the reverse, there is a patch of wear/thinning where the photo has previously been taped (see photos).

All photos measure approx. 8"x10".

Also comes with a printed Tom Jones logo, which has tanned with age, and a ragged top edge from where it has been torn (see photos). Size is approx. 11.75"x4.25".