The McCluskey Brothers Gig Posters + Concert Memorabilia

The McCluskey Brothers Gig Posters + Concert Memorabilia

A selection of the McCluskey Brothers concert memorabilia items to include the following:

- Two promo posters for the McCluskey Brother's 1996 album 'Wonderful Affair'. One of the posters, which is folded in half, has two 'Cul De Sac - Street Party' stickers attached, one on the front and one on the back, from Sunday June 30th of the same year. The other poster, also folded in half, has "Available from our friendly vendor - £10 Ta." written in black marker, and has some creasing down the edges. Size of each is approx. 12.5"x17".

- Three promo posters for their 2000 album 'Housewives Choice'. Each poster has been folded at least once and has a little bit of wear. Size is approx. 12"x16.5".

- An A4 sized promo poster for their show at the King Tuts, Glasgow, 19th December 1997. Poster has been folded twice, and the top half of the poster has some wear/residue (see photos).

- A fold out gig pamphlet from Teviot Row, Bristo Square, Edinburgh titled Fringe Club, from 1997. Contains the full listings for that year, which included the McCluskey Brothers, who played August 20th. Folded, this item measures approx. 4"x12".

Note these items will be shipped folded.