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Beatles Signed Diary 1963

Beatles Signed Diary 1963


Beatles Autographs - Superb set of Beatles autographs from a diary from 1963.


The signatures are in pencil and were obtained in person by the vendor when she met The Beatles on a train from Darlington to Middlesbrough on the 25th June 1963. This was just days after John Paul VI became Pope and as a comical reference, Paul has signed "Paul VI" - interestingly they have also signed "The Beetles".


The vendor was working for the GPO in Darlington and was travelling back from work to her home in Middlesbrough when she boarded the train and found all four Beatles on board. Both girls obtained their signatures and sat in the same coach with them all the way to Middlesbrough where they were playing that night. The green pocket diary has been signed across two pages of the notes page at the back and also includes the vendors GPO work card and provisonal licence which she kept there for safe keeping.


This item was authenticated by Roger Epperson prior to being sold at auction.

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