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The Beatles Japan Tour Programme (1966)

The Beatles Japan Tour Programme (1966)


A rare Japanese tour programme from the three dates the Beatles played there in 1966 (30th June - 2nd July).


The Beatles toured Germany, Japan and the Philippines between 24 June and 4 July 1966. The thirteen concerts comprised the first stage of a world tour that ended with the band's final tour of the United States, in August 1966.


The tour signalled a change in the Beatlemania phenomenon, as violent measures were used to control crowds for the first time and the band became a symbol of societal division between conservative and liberal thinking. The bookings at the Budokan, a venue reserved for martial arts, offended many traditionalists in Japan, resulting in death threats to the Beatles and a heightened police presence throughout their stay.


Condition: Programme cover has some slight creases/stress marks down the spine and small surface marks. The centre-fold page has come loose from the binding. The back cover/sleeve has a surface tear mark along the top (see photos for further reference).


Size is approx. 10.25"x14.25" (inches). 

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